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Scholarships in Romania


International students may  be accepted to study on the basis of scholarships granted by Romania, unilaterally or in the framework of bilateral agreements, through the competent authorities in their countries or on the basis of scholarships and grants offered by other states or by international organizations.

Note that  scholarship candidates should contact the international organisation at least one year earlier.

The citizens of non-EU countries can be enrolled in Romania on their own expense, paying the tuition fees or by obtaining scholarships offered by the Romanian state.


Romanian scholarships to foreign students in Romania


1. Romanian Scholarships through bilateral co-operation agreements

The Romanian scholarship schemes offered by the Romanian state in keeping with bilateral documents in force or with unilateral offers made by Romania to other states are administered by the Ministry of Education, Research, sport and Youth.

2. Scholarships according to the external interests of Romania:

  1. through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, especially in favour of young people coming from countries with which Romania has not perfected international cultural cooperation documents;
  2. through the Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises, Trade and Business Environment, in order to promote economic and commercial cooperation actions;
  3. through the Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sports, for foreign citizens with good results obtained during their studies in Romania.

Candidates’ files are submitted to the Romanian diplomatic missions abroad or to the diplomatic missions accredited to Bucharest of the countries of origin, generically referred to as diplomatic missions.
A successful candidate selected through this Romanian scholarship scheme is entitled to:

  • free of charge access to education;
  • the equivalent of 50 USD per month, for the under graduate students;
  • the equivalent of 56 USD per month, for the post graduate students (master’s and doctor’s degrees)

These Romanian scholarships do not cover personal expenses and international transport. Foreign students will pay for their accommodation in the university student hostels. They will have priority in getting hostel places, to the extent of availabilities.

Categories of Ministry of Foreign Affairs grants scholarships:

a) for the first cycle (license): This scheme is dedicated to graduates of high schools or of equivalent pre-university systems, as well as to candidates who require the recognition of  the partial studies in another university/country to be continued in Romania. The complete cycle of university studies lasts 3 to 6 years, according to the specific of the chosen faculty and ends with getting a diploma (license);

b) for the 2nd cycle (master): This scheme is dedicated to graduates of university/post graduate studies; it lasts for 1,5 to 2 years and ends with a dissertation and a diploma.

c) for the 3rd cycle (doctorate) this scheme is dedicated to the graduates of university/postgraduate studies (i.e. master); it lasts for 3-4 years, in keeping with the specific requirements of the chosen faculty, and end with a doctor’s thesis.

The successful candidates who have applied for a Romanian scholarship including a preparatory year for learning the Romanian language must continue their studies in the Romanian language. In case they choose later on to continue their studies, in Romania, in a foreign language, they do no longer benefit from the scholarship.


Romanian Scholarships for Romanian citizens living abroad

If they want to complete their education with scholarships in a Romanian university, can apply to the Department for Romanians Abroad (DRP) and MECTS.
DRP scholarships are meant to support studies in Romania, to promote Romanian language, culture and civilization, to specialize young Romanians living abroad in their profession, as well as to sustain research on current topics such as the state, the dynamic and the evolution of the Romanian communities abroad.
Romanian citizens living abroad can study without DRP scholarship by applying directly to the university of their choice with an admission exam (selection of files or written exam). Studies are to be performed under the same conditions applied to other Romanian citizens: without paying the fees, if the qualify for budgeted places or by paying the same fees as other Romanian citizens.


Romanian Scholarships  on academic performances

International students  who have started studies in Romania on their own finances, can get Romanian shcolarships from the second course. Some Universities also offer  scholarships to students with excellent academic records.
If you are already student in Romania, pleasecontact the administration of you university for moreinformation.


More information can befound from the Romanian diplomatic missions  abroda or to the diplomatic missions accredited in your country ( or in  nearest country).

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veterinary medicine in romania veterinary medicine abroad Study medicine abroad Carol Davila University of Medicine and Pharmacy Postgraduate Medical Study University of Arad University of Medicine Iasi Student accommodation in Romania