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Romanian American University of Bucharest is one of accredited private universities in Romania with Bachelor English programs of International Business and Computer science for economics.  The University has High Confidence Rating certification by Romanian Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ARACIS) in Romania.

Romanian American University location in Bucharest, Erasmus program and ranking among economic universities in Europe affordable tuition fees, accommodation, partial scholarship, etc., attract international students from Europe and beyond.

The Romanian-American University, founded in 1991, promotes in Romania the US higher education principles that are supported by the general model of the American society: Efficient organization, Sense of duty, Work-ethic, Self-respect and respect for the others, Honest competition, Challenging both yourself and others.

Admission to Romanian American University is based on academic background of prospective students and short interview online with university staff.  Application file must include copies of high school diploma and results of last 3 years, passport, birth certificate and health certificate.

Who can apply to Romania American University?
To apply to Romanian American University, the student must first be sure that he fulfills the following conditions:

  • High school leaving certificate (diploma) with average of at least 62% of maximum possible records;
  • Good command of English in both written and speaking;
  • Sufficient found to finance the studies in Romania;
  • Good health mentally, physical and without contagious diseases,
  • Clean criminal records,

Why studying at Romanian American University?

Earn a worldwide recognized European Degree ;
Engage with great international academics that are enthusiastic and expert in their fields;
Benefit from exceptional resources and modern facilities;
Take advantage of very affordable costs:

  • Tuition fees are at least 70% less than the average European English Taught Program
  • Average living expenses are at least 60% less than what it would cost you as a student in Western Europe

Study in the US and Western Europe through our International Academic Partnerships

Bachelor of International Business

The International Business Bachelor program from the School of Domestic and International Business, Banking and Finance is a three-year program that prepares students for negotiating, contracting and carrying out international business.

Throughout the program the student will understand the role and interests of international public and private organizations in an international business environment. By the end, the student will be capable to prepare and assist the execution of international contracts and to identify the appropriate steps, formalities and techniques used in contracting and execution of international business, complying with domestic, European and International trade policies and regulations. Due to this approach, bachelors of this program are qualified to successfully manage jobs with an international business outlook both in Romania and / or anywhere in the world.

Bachelor of International Business: Tuition fees

For EU/EEA national students: 2,200 EURO/year (scholarships available up to 1000 Euro!),

For non-EU/EEA national students: 2,900 EURO/year (scholarships available up to 1000 Euro!),
50 EUR application fee will be paid together with the tuition fee,

100% of tuition fees is payable in advance after you receive the Letter of Acceptance in order  to obtain the study visa (if applicable!).

Bachelor of International Business: Career Prospects

International Business will enable graduates to succeed in transnational activities of companies and manage cross-border economic flows. The programme will achieve this by putting theory to practice within coursework and project based learning.

Career Prospects:

  • Foreign Trade Specialist
  • Purchasing and Supply Chain Economist
  • International Issurance Consultant
  • European structural and cohesion funds Administrator
  • Diplomatic attaché;
  • International business consultant;
  • Customs expert/inspector;
  • Fair and exhibition manager;
  • Foreign relations assistant etc.

Bachelor of Computer Science for Economics

The Computer Science for Economics Bachelor program from the School of Computer Science for Business Management is a three-year program that prepares you for database administration, programing, software design, web design and network administration.

The curricula of Bachelor of Computer Science for Economics is adapted each year to the continuous changes of the IT market. At the same time, The program foster innovation through students in the Microsoft Innovation Center, by creating various types of applications, posted by them on the marketplace. The student receive  free licensed software for our students,  have access to various official study materials and the possibility of being certified by Microsoft within the Certiport - Romanian American University Testing Center.

Bachelor of Computer Science for Economics: Tuition fees

For EU/EEA national students: 2,200 EURO/year (scholarships available up to 1000 Euro!),
For non-EU/EEA national students: 2,900 EURO/year (scholarships available up to 1000 Euro!),
50 EUR application fee will be paid together with the tuition fee,

100% of tuition fees is payable in advance after you receive the Letter of Acceptance in order  to obtain the study visa (if applicable!).

Bachelor of Computer Science for Economics: Career Prospects

Computer Science for Economics will help graduates improve their skills as IT managers and will help them build capacity to assist and take charge of the decision-making correctly, adequately and scientifically grounded.

Career Prospects

  • International Business Graduates
  • IT systems analyst and designer;
  • Analyst-developer;
  • Developer of customer-server applications and of internet /intranet /extranet;
  • IT project manager;
  • Web-site designer/administrator;
  • Data base administrator;
  • Computer network administrator;
  • Developer of decision assisting systems and expert systems;
  • IT consultant;

Romanian-American University bachelor programs aim to address the curricula not only in theoretical terms, but also to create multiple connections between practice and research. Apart from the real-world projects in which the students are involved, the learning experience is completed by the internships that the university facilitates in the second year, within specialized organizations or Romanian companies where students are integrated for 3 weeks.
All the study programs developed by the Romanian-American University are structured under the Bologna system in 3 years for the undergraduate (Bachelor), 2 years for the graduate studies (Master) and 3 years for Doctoral Studies.
Each academic year (divided into 2 semesters), the curriculum provides minimum 60 transferable study credits (30 credits per semester). There are a total of six semesters in three years. A semester typically has 14 weeks. The 3rd semester has 11 weeks + 3 allocated for the mandatory internship, and the 6th semester has 12 weeks + 2 allocated for completion of the graduation paper.

Thus, in the first three semesters, regardless of the curriculum, students study a set of subjects that are present in the basic training of an economist:

  • Microeconomics
  • Macroeconomics
  • Econometrics
  • Communication and Public Relations
  • Fundamentals of Marketing
  • English and Communication Techniques
  • Public Finance and Corporate Finances
  • Fundamentals of Accounting
  • Management
  • Statistics
  • Mathematics for economics

Study abroad by Romanian American University

Romanian-American University also organizes studies and placements abroad, within the Lifelong Learning Program of the European Union Framework. Every student of Romanian American University have the opportunity to benefit from all available exchange programs. This is a chance to meet people from the entire world, get to know other cultures, improve foreign language skills or even change your worldview.
Choosing the right place to spend a semester or an academic year as an Erasmus student might be a challenging process. Romanian-American University have partnerships with a lot of universities and institutions all over Europe, that organize bachelor and master degree programs or practical training for its students, as well as an MBA program in partnership with De Sales University, USA. The majors of all these programs are International Business, Finance, Accounting, Computer Science for Economics, Business Law, European Studies, Tourism, Management and Marketing.
Every year, Romanian-American University host students from all over the world. It is an international oriented institution, which places a high value on the academic contribution made by students  during their study oeriod.

Romanian American University main European Partners are:

  • Huron USA University - United Kingdom;
  • Universite de Cergy-Pontoise - France;
  • Novancia Business School - France;
  • Worms University - Germany;
  • Universita di Bologna - Italy;
  • Universidad Politecnica de Valencia - Spain;
  • Carinthia University of Applied Sciences - Austria;
  • Avans University of Applied Sciences - The Netherlands;
  • Tietgen Business College - Denmark;
  • Hedmark University College - Norway;
  • Kemi-Tornio University of Applied Sciences - Finland;

Romanian American University Scholarships

Romanian American University offer Scholarships up to 1000 EUR depending on your previous academic success, motivation, recommendation and economic situation of your family.

Scholarship application documents:

  • Written essay to answer the following question: "What is my primary goal in life, regarding my future career and why am I a candidate for this scholarship?" (Conditions of drafting: 1-2 pages, English language, written in a Word doc, Times New Roman font, size of font 12, line spacing 1.0.);
  • Curriculum Vitae (Europass format mandatory);
  • Letter of Reference sent in a sealed envelope;
  • Demonstrate financial need - provide a copy of the parents' proof of income;
  • Transcript of academic records is also taken into consideration;

Romanian American University Admission Office will evaluate all mentioned above documents.  As a result, only those applicants with the highest scores will receive scholarships up to 1000 EURO. The students must pay the full tuition fee and on his arrival at Romanian American University, he will get back the equivalent of his scholarship. Most of students use this scholarship as part of accommodation (room) and board at Romanian American University Admission campus. The Campus is very comfortable, cheap and best of that, it is almost in the same building with the University!



University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Cluj-Napoca, Targu Mures, Iasi, Timisoara, Constanta, Bucharest, Arad, Oradea, Sibiu, Craiova, etc. in Romania.
Medecine, Dentistry and Pharmacy: English and French programs.

Tuition fees: 3200 to 5000/year, admission without exam!


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English programs :

T. fees: 6000 to 8000 Euro /year!


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Tuition fee:

  5000 to 6000 Euros / year!


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